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Parvaid is an all natural herbal supplement that may help pets overcome the dreaded Canine Parvo Virus. Parvaid is a product of Amber Technology and has been in production since 1997. It is sold world wide and has shown that animals who are given Parvaid along with antibiotics, imune builders and electrolytes have a very good chance of recovery.

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Vibactra Plus™

Vibactra Plus is a special combination of herbs demonstrated to enhance immunity via their known antibiotic and antioxidant activities. An all natural herbal dietary supplement.

Life Cell Support™

Life Cell Support is also beneficial in conjunction with the Vibactra Plus if building the immune system.  The immune builders in Vibactra Plus are advantageous for pets that suffer from parasites such as Coccidia and mites. These parasites will attack the body when the immune system has been compromised.    The Vibactra Plus can help build the immune system (which in itself may stop the parasites) and has an anti-parasitic to help rid the parasites from the body.


Be careful of imitators especially any using glycerin in their products.


Why Use Amber Technology Products?

 1)      Amber Technology products are completely organic.  There are no chemicals, additives or unnatural ingredients added to any of our products.

 2)      Amber Technology uses only top quality herbs.  Our herbs are of the highest purity levels and contain no trace metals or contaminants. 

 3)      Amber technology uses herbs only once for maximum potency.  Many herbal producers re-use herbs to lower costs, but they pay a price in terms of product potency and effectiveness. 

 4)      Amber Technology’s manufacturing process is quality controlled from start to finish.  We track our herbs from receipt, through the manufacturing process, all the way into our packages.  We use accurate electronic measuring and observe proper clean room procedures. 

 5)      Amber Technology R&D is conducted by a noted Herbologist.  Pat Griffiths has been a student and a master of herbal bio-chemistry for over 30 years.  You can be assured that quality, valid, and reliable research goes into all of our products.

 6)      Amber Technology provides responsive, knowledgeable, live customer support by phone.  Rare in today’s automated customer support environment, our customers can talk to a real, live, and highly knowledgeable customer service representative to answer questions, troubleshoot illness situations, and provide guidance in the use of our products. 

 7)      Amber Technology supports a network of over 400 dealers – assuring local availability of its products.  You can have confidence that we are stable, strong, and supportive of our resellers.

 8)      Amber Technology has thousands of passionate raving fans/customers  -- see our testimonials. 

 9)       Amber Technology specifically supports locally owned dealers – we do not sell to the big box corporations.  Local neighborhood stores are more likely able to provide the help and direction you may need to help your pet.

 10)   You can use our products with the confidence that they are safe and effective!